Sunday, May 27, 2012

Cacao green.

They have Starbucks here in Melbourne. Very few of them.

No new travel posts at the moment,soon I will be posting about Salzburg (Where I visited Mozart's house!).

My new obsession: frozen yogurt. My first taste was in Malaysia,over the summer. One of my closest Malaysian friend's, Wan Xin took me there. I've known this lovely girl for years, I remember how we first started talking in standard 1 (Grade 1) in primary school and using our animal pencil cases to play with each other. Anyway, we went to Tutti Frutti, which is a frozen yogurt place. Definitely going back there the next time I go back!

I had frozen yogurt in Melb a few weeks ago, with my friends in the city. We came across this place, it's a really cute, neat place. It's opposite Starbucks, and we were dying to sit down (Starbucks was over crowded..For some reason. Starbucks isn't even that popular here?) and wanted some froyo. I did not expect it to be full of incredible goodness. Cacao green, I think on Swanson street in the city, has some pretty good organic frozen yogurt! I had the pomegranate, since I have a slight obsession with it... And the price is reasonable too. By Australian standards I mean. Melbourne has been listed as one of the most expensive cities to live in. But yes, speaking in Australian terms, it's quite reasonable. It's $4.50 for a junior serve, and it's pretty big! It is $6.70 for a regular and $8.20 for a large.

I didn't put any toppings this trip, but I plan to put cheesecake next time. Toppings are at $1 each.  Highly recommend Cacao green for some froyo. Their menu also includes organic yogurt smoothies and gourmet waffles.

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My Taylor-Swift-loving, generous, game-loving, nerdy, shorter-than-me, second sister, just recently celebrated her birthday! We had our traditional kind of family birthday dinner. Asian dishes like curry, noodles, pork belly and Laurent cake as usual. Le gateau- c'est fantastique. Layers of mousse, and walnuts, very chocolatey.

My mum made her tiramisu! Mum's baking and cooking is always the best.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's day and Plitvice.

Happy Mother's day!Well, at least for Australia. And apparently the U.S...?
 Celebrating the women who give so much to their children; sacrificing, chauffeuring, cooking and comforting.
Who's that cute baby? 
Not the best picture but ; pancakes topped with bananas, blueberries, honey and cinnamon. Accompanied with a blueberry/banana/raspberry smoothie! 
I love my mum very, very, much. She's a wonder woman basically. I don't know what I would've done without her! I also translated my love into baking. I made her pancakes for breakfast! The past few years, I always used the pancake mix because I didn't know much about making food. Now I find the package mix rather sweet. I'm making pancake mix from scratch forever and ever! Think about how much sugar and additives they add into the package mix.... Think about how you can make fluffy pancakes that is so easy!I don't even add any sugar to it, I top with honey and cinnamon (I'm a cinnamon freak) always!

Well, I now bake quite often so I decided to make a decadent chocolate tart!
Cutting it isn't so easy, but the taste is pretty good!

To continue on with my Europe posting, after I visited Bosnia, I went to Plitvice, Croatia. The drive from Bosnia to there was horrible. Bumpy, windy road, oh and the worst thing happened. I didn't feel well, and motion sickness and me... I threw up. Don't worry, there were plastic bags on the bus. But yeah, worst part of the trip. Enough said.

Back to Croatia. Croatia is really beautiful. Plitvice is a national park, possibly one of the most amazing and stunning national parks I've ever been to. I'm not sure whether Yosemite in the States is prettier, it's not really debatable for me because , they're both so beautiful. And I wish I had more time to explore around both places. In Yosemite, I would've loved to go hiking, gone to more spots. In Plitvice, we didn't spend enough time there!

Plitvice has about 1209841038201 waterfalls.I don't know the exact number, but all I know is that there are tons of waterfalls over there. Big ones, small ones. You name it. There's a wooden path where you can walk on, which is really nice because it's so close to the water! The water is absolutely clean, some parts are pristine blue. There's a lot of flora, but I didn't see much fauna. No bears or anything :( I would've loved to see a big brown bear.
Trying the slow shutter effect! Always beautiful with moving water.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Dreams and appreciation.

After I visited Dubrovnik, I went to Bosnia! Bosnia is bordered by Croatia and Serbia. The Turkish also came centuries ago, so some parts you can tell are Turkish-influenced.  It is rather quite hilly and mountainous there, and it was really hot at that time! Bosnia is really pretty, definitely lots of natural beauty.