Saturday, April 28, 2012

The chocolate chip cookie

I absolutely love baking (Influenced by my mum). If I could, I would bake everyday but, I have school work + other hobbies. And anyways,I'd get fatter and fatter each day, eating up all the treats.I don't want to become a professional baker or anything,I just like baking for fun. And if I bake, I usually end up giving my treats away to my friends (My friends know I bake cupcakes kinda often) since none of my family eats them. Except if they're up to my mum's standard (Like her scones, cheesecake or chiffon cake).

 I also have a strange obsession of looking at recipes on food blogs , but at the same time , knowing that I'm not going to use all of them. The pictures look so scrumptious and wow, but sometimes I cringe at how much butter and sugar there is!


Sunday, April 22, 2012

Dubrovnik, Croatia

I just wanted to add a picture of macarons in. I had these about 2 weeks ago, my oldest sister brought them back from Sydney! 

Dubrovnik, Croatia. Dubrovnik is probably my favourite city that I've ever been to. The medieval feeling is pretty cool. The colours there are pretty vibrant, if only I had known how to use my camera more!

Dubrovnik looks out to the Adriatic sea, very mediterrenean if you ask me. We went to the Old city, which is walled as it was used for defensive walls to protect its citizens, built in  between the 13th-16th century. Turks were trying to attack in the 15th century. The walls are well-preserved. I was also really excited to visit Dubrovnik, as The Amazing race went there for one of the seasons (I am a huge fan of The Amazing race. No joke.) and it just looked so beautiful on TV.

I forgot to mention, Croatia, Slovenia and Bosnia (Which I will write about later on) used to be part of Yugoslavia. Other countries were Macedonia and Serbia. I only learnt about this on the trip (Hey,I was 13 okay!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Dalmatia ( Zadar + Split)

Croatia is amazing. Probably the prettiest country I've ever been to. It's just so lovely there, I'd love to spend one summer there. We first went to Zadar.The locals there are also extremely friendly, we were walking around some pier place and there were Croatians saying hello to us (Since you know.... We're Asian tourists lol).


Walking around during sunset.

Church of St Donacus. Dates back all the way in 9th century.

The ice cream displays are amazing! I might've had ice cream about 10 times during the trip. Also, did I ever mention I love taking pictures of food?
Our hotel was great.  Best hotel throughout the trip! Since it was my parents & I, they actually gave us two separate rooms, and we really didn't need separate rooms! They were big enough to fit like a family of four.The buffet was also pretty damn fantastic because I had the biggest breakfast there. I ate pistachios and all sorts of things. Too bad we only stayed there for one night.

They had a waterslide.

Next stop was Split! Also a lovely city.
From le bus.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Austria and Slovenia!

Innsbruck- Austria + Bled, Slovenia.

We didn't do a lot in Innsbruck, but it's a really pretty place. I love the alps as the backdrop setting. We had a tour around the city, but to be honest, I really can't remember much from that.
It was cloudy that day.

We visited the Swarovski store because it made in Austria. The store is HUGE, there are like two or three floors? Crystals everywhere! I bought a Swarovski pendant.

Swarovski animals! 
A lot of the local teens were saying "Konichiwa (Hello)" thinking that we were Japanese hehehe!

On the way to Slovenia, we stopped by at Rosenberger for lunch. The food there is quite nice.
I'm a dessert freak.
3 sisters.
 AND we saw an abandoned castle while driving!

So we went by a boat (Lol someone actually had to row it for us) to this TINY, TINY, TINY, TINY island, Bled island.  You can literally circle around it. We visited the church there. To me, all the cathedrals in Europe look the same to me.The weather change from Austria to Slovenia was very lovely. In Austria, it was a bit cold, but when we went to Slovenia, it was quite warm! So you didn't really need a jacket or anything, and it wasn't burning hot.

We then drove up to the Bled castle! It's a medieval castle, so you really get that feeling of the medieval period, you know knights and the forts! It's pretty impressive that it was built on a very steep hill. The view from the top is really nice, overlooking Lake bled.

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