Saturday, December 7, 2013

Dearest V

Dearest V,
Thank you for being an awesome eldest sister. I love the fact that I'm half a head taller than you, but at the same time, I hate the fact that some people mistaken me as the older one.
More than a decade ago!
Just like everyone in the family, you are an utterly smart, and have definitely set the bar high, as you're the eldest sister. I'm sorry that I tower over you, but hey, if it helps, you are a feisty short person who can really argue (how else would you be a lawyer? Or yell at me.)
REVERSE HEIGHT ORDER: From youngest to eldest.
I must have caught the reading bug from you; I heard you got into some trouble during primary school reading books in class! I would read until late night (past bedtime whoops) during primary school with my reading light on (and to this day, still do that). Thanks for letting me borrow some of your books as well :)

So thanks sis :)

Anyway, asides from my open letter, we celebrated my sister's birthday, just like last year. Over stuffed and stomach aches.. 
Entree: Peking duck from a restaurant take away
Main: Mum's curry laksa 
Dessert: Three cakes.

Yeah you heard that right... THREE cakes. I helped my mum bake a mango cheesecake with macadamias (Star hit of the night), I made a vanilla sponge with white chocolate ganache & raspberries and Aunty SS bought a flourless fig & almond cake. I've been eating far too much cake! 
 I used my vanilla cupcake recipe but doubled it. I made some ganache but whipped it so it was more spreadable. I also made some dark chocolate ganache in the middle with strawberries & raspberries, to counteract too much sweetness from the white chocolate ganache.

The massacre 

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