Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Paris in a bombshell

 I was told by one of my fellow French classmates, that Paris will be like a 'dream', because everything is so perfect. She couldn't be more right. Mind you, this is a bit of a long post.
The most magical view from Trocadero. It's what I've seen on movies and it became a reality!
Paris exceeded my expectations. I loved the vibe, and saw some of the most extravagant, beautiful with exquisite attention to detail architecture. It's hard to think that a post office could look so pretty.

Pictured above: Trocadero. Get off the station at Trocadero and you'll find yourself with the best view of Paris. No joke. Plus, I got a nutella & banana crepe. Eating crepes with a view of Paris? Honestly does not get any better than this (and I really mean it this time).

Notre Dame is absolutely incredible. After visiting the cathedral, I don't think I will ever see another cathedral as magnificent as this.
 I was just amazed at all the intricate detail of each sculpture in the exterior of the church.. Inside, there are beautiful stain-glassed windows.
I went to the Louvre with a guided tour. My verdict? Well, my dad nor I am the type of person to really appreciate art (unlike my mum), and I can only honestly remember seeing glimpses of the Mona Lisa and some ancient Greek sculptures.
The Louvre is a must for art-lovers! After the Louvre, we went by ourselves to navigate to go to Lafayette with my awesome map-reading dad and my awesome eye-sight and knowledge of French words. OH on the way, I saw Rumi Neely from Fashion Toast, but wasn't too sure at first.. I should've asked for a picture!
If only Melbourne's malls were as pretty as this.
So, I was a bit reluctant to go to Lafayette, after I heard stories from my mum who said that her last trip, it was just full of main-land Chinese people (not to be stereotypical, but that's just about the market you see nowadays) grabbing Louis Vuitton purses. However, pleasantly, it actually wasn't that crowded that day. I did see some small flocks of Chinese, but it actually was not too bad! 

There weren't any lines to get macarons from Pierre Herme, which was even more surprising. The macarons were pretty darn amazing. The shells were delicate, not too hard or soft and the flavours really hit the spot. Anyway, I suggest to go visit Lafayette, even though the clothing and everything is holy-cow expensive.

We took a river cruise along the Seine river during the evening which was really lovely. We got to see all the dreamy apartments along the river that have the perfect view of the Eiffel tower (which must cost an unspeakable amount)..
I recommend to take a cruise during the evening, when the weather is a bit cooler.

Arc de triomphe is pretty cool too. Especially when the famous avenue, Champ-elysees is right around the corner... All the shops (including macaron shops!) and restaurants are along the strip... Unfortunately, we didn't have time to go around Champ-elysees which was sad, but at least we had a nice view of the Arc de triomphe. We literally hopped on the metro and got off at the stop where you can take a picture with the Arc de triomphe. Then we went off. That's how efficient my dad is with time.. Major lol.

And to top it off, we had dinner near the Eiffel tower. It was a lovely meal, certainly not the best French meal I've ever had (I'm yet to find that perfect one when I'm back) but it was still pretty tasty.

Can't really remember, but I think it was pork?

Shine bright like a diamond
A few notes:
The Metro can be little bit confusing, especially when there are so many signs everywhere, and something like a 'short train' and a 'long train' exists; it's a bit daunting. So I'd suggest to do your homework if you're taking the Metro. Funnily enough, we went to see the Eiffel tower at night on our first night and to familiarise with the train system. We were waiting to take the train home, and we were standing on the far end of the plat form, not being aware of a 'short train' coming. We missed that, because we weren't on the allocated platforms!

Pick pocketers: On our way to Lafayette, there was a gypsy following us from behind. Then once she saw us clutching on to our bags, she went away. My eldest sister also recently went to Paris and was telling me that while she was on a bus, she saw some pick pocketing action!

En conclusion, my stay in Paris was far too short. I didn't get to tick off even half of what was on my list! Disappointingly, I didn't get to climb up the Eiffel tower. Though that is such a 'touristy' thing to do, it's one of the things you kind of have to do in your life time. I also didn't visit Versailles, which according to my dad is the most impressive palace he has ever seen. I also didn't really get to experience the best croissant, eclair, baguette, pomme frites, falafel and I could really go on and on. Definitely a jack pot for foodies! There are too many sights and eateries to do within a short time. Nevertheless, I enjoyed my short stay in Paris.

 I intend on coming back sometime after I graduate high school, or during my uni holidays. Hopefully by then, my French should be close to fluent, as I am undertaking it as one of my final subjects for high school! 


  1. What a special trip to take with your dad. Your photos are quite beautiful and really capture the spirit of Paris. You are such a talented photographer for someone still in high school!
    P.S. The blue sparkly polish in the macaron shot really rocks!!

    1. Thanks for stopping by :) your donuts were looked too good not to comment on them! Thank you so much, that's such a kind compliment that's really made my day! Haha, it's my favourite nail polish to wear :P


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