Thursday, November 1, 2012

Think big

I love writing posts about things I have enjoyed, and I finished reading 'Think big' by Ben Carson who is a world renowned neurosurgeon, and his book is really inspiring. I did a presentation about him in English class, and well, he is extraordinary, starting out literally at the bottom of his class in primary school, and was pushed by his mother to do the best because she wanted him to have the opportunities she never had. He made medical history when he separated conjoined twins (The Binder twins) and he's the director of pediatrics neurosurgery at John Hopkins.

I really do love motivational books because it makes me really think and reflect carefully. One of my favourite quotes from the book is“I am convinced that knowledge is power - to overcome the past, to change our own situations, to fight new obstacles, to make better decisions.” 

I would recommend this book to literally anyone.My mum has read it, and she enjoyed it. Anyone would be able to learn and take something away from this book. I think even people who dislike reading might find this quite nice to read! 
I have had a few hectic weeks of tests and assignments, but tomorrow is my official last day for  my core subjects  which are English, maths, science, health, geography! Then the next four weeks, I have a 2020 program which is an environmental kind of program that is compulsory for year 9s. I still have my electives though : French, cooking and visual communications design, but I won't have such a hectic workload. I am so glad, because guess what that means? BAKING AND COOKING! I have been missing out on working in my kitchen, making a mess with the mixer and the oven. But this weekend, and for the next few weeks, I shall be cooking and baking up a storm (like Hurricane Sandy) and posting recipes and eateries and oh la la! It's also 1 and a half months away from Christmas, and I shall be getting festive. Watching Christmas movies that are in New York (pretending like you're in New York when you're really not) and baking some cookies? I SAY YES! 

So watch out, a food storm is coming your way.

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