Friday, October 19, 2012

Mount Dandenong

 I've raved about different food places, but this blog post is not a rave unfortunately.

Last week, my family and I visited Mount Dandenong to visit a tulip farm! Very pretty, but I don't have a huge interest in flowers so I was like meh. There were some sculptures around and the price tag/value of them are ridiculous. One thing I will never get: why art is so expensive. I'm just not an artist or into art-sy things.

The weather was pretty bad that day. It was raining!

18 grand? I could buy horses, a whole wardrobe and travel. OH I can even fly first class.

Anyway, I read online about the reviews for Pie in the sky. It has won many pie awards. Especially for its classic Australia meat pie (which believe it or not I actually don't really fancy).  My sisters and I ordered the 'beef burgundy' which has a filling of beef slow cooked with red wine and mushrooms and on the sides, peas, mash potato and gravy. I was honestly quite disappointed because I had high expectations, reading from the reviews. The pastry is so-so, it was not the flakiest puff pastry I've ever tasted. The filling was alright, and the mash potato was HORRIBLE. It was way too dry, lacked taste.

My family was saying how even I could make a better mash potato, and how my dad prefers my chicken pies. I can certainly agree on that. In the future, I'll show how my famous chicken pies look like and my mash potato (along with my dad's roast lamb), because let me tell you, my chicken pies are pretty darn good. I learnt from my mum :)

My dad said that Pie in the sky was alright, it was one of the 'better pie places' since he's been quite disappointed with restaurants who serve pies in Australia, but it's nothing special. It's pretty ordinary, but for the price you're paying, it's alright. It's actually relatively quite cheap. But, I honestly don't think it's worth the drive, all the way to the mountains and eating there.

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We also fed some cockatoos and that day, I discovered that I'm actually kind of scared of birds jumping on to my arm. Their claws are just so sharp (it didn't help that I was wearing a cardigan) and SO HEAVY. There was one that sat on my arm forever because it was taking its time to eat, and I was about to shoo it away. A cockatoo also tried to attack my dad and bite his ear, quite funny. The picture is pretty great.

Bird attacking attempt strike 1

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