Friday, June 22, 2012

Happy anniversary!

You know what I'm really longing for? Summer. I see other food blogs and whoever who lives in the Northern hemisphere having their summer, and I am so envious, because I can't wait for those days where you wake up and not have a single worry. I'm dying to try out a whole bunch of new recipes, to have movie marathons, sleepovers, go the gym and read all day! I haven't had the chance to read novels because of assignments and tests! I have been holding onto my school library books for too long, you know you have when you attempt to borrow a new book but the librarian doesn't allow you too, and says you have to return the books and put on hold on the new books. It's really poop.

Well, still have another semester to survive. Another 2 months of the bitter winter and then spring.

So Wednesday, the 20th marked my parents' anniversary! Their 30th anniversary. 

It is indescribable about how much love I have for my parents. All those years of saying no to my requests, hammering me with a Singaporean math book everyday (dad) , teaching me how to cook and bake and giving me words of wisdom (the 'life is never fair', 'money doesn't grow on trees' kind of thing) ; my parents are the reason for who I am today.

We haven't had a beach family holiday for YEARS! 
Eating pork knuckles in Germany.
Cutting the cake at their big celebration for their birthday (a week apart!), 2 years ago!

I asked them if I could take some photos of them for their anniversary. I'm also going to do something special with it, just have to wait! I still have to take more!

I also used this opportunity to bake something new. Sponge cake, with whipped cream and fruit. My dad doesn't like heavy or sweet cakes, so I decided to bake a sponge cake that wouldn't be too sweet.
Not the best looking cake or picture.

 Overall, it tasted pretty good! Strawberries and cream? What could go wrong? What I could improve on though is the texture of the sponge cake. My sponge cake turned out to be harder than those light fluffy and soft sponge cakes, so it wasn't as airy and as light-as-a-feather kind of sponge cakes. Definitely some things to learn. This weekend, I plan to make oreo cheesecake bars! My mum brought back some cheesecake from the restaurant she and my dad went to, and it was a macadamia white chocolate chip cheesecake, and as I was eating it, I thought 'I could possibly marry cheesecake.'

Food really is a girl's best friend.

Happy anniversary mum and dad! :) 

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