Monday, April 16, 2012

Dalmatia ( Zadar + Split)

Croatia is amazing. Probably the prettiest country I've ever been to. It's just so lovely there, I'd love to spend one summer there. We first went to Zadar.The locals there are also extremely friendly, we were walking around some pier place and there were Croatians saying hello to us (Since you know.... We're Asian tourists lol).


Walking around during sunset.

Church of St Donacus. Dates back all the way in 9th century.

The ice cream displays are amazing! I might've had ice cream about 10 times during the trip. Also, did I ever mention I love taking pictures of food?
Our hotel was great.  Best hotel throughout the trip! Since it was my parents & I, they actually gave us two separate rooms, and we really didn't need separate rooms! They were big enough to fit like a family of four.The buffet was also pretty damn fantastic because I had the biggest breakfast there. I ate pistachios and all sorts of things. Too bad we only stayed there for one night.

They had a waterslide.

Next stop was Split! Also a lovely city.
From le bus.
We visited the Diocletian's Palace. I would say there's not a lot of it left, but there's still some stuff. But it was a massive palace, back in the 4th century. The emperor, Diocletian built it for his retirement. The tour guide said that it lies on the Dalmatian coast. Well this place lies in the Dalmatia region! The Dalmatia region looks out to the Adriatic sea, which is really, oh very beautiful. Fun fact; the Dalmatian dog receives its name from there. Actually, I'm not exactly sure if it's a 100% correct, but I searched it up and apparently it is! The tour guide said so himself. My dad joked saying "Oh maybe Damien ( Our old dalmatian)'s ancestors came from there!" Well actually, it has been said that Dalmatian roots originate from there, where pictures of Dalmatians started to appear, so who knows? 
I just thought this looked like a wizard. Just wanted to put it out there. But I think he has a bible in his hand lolol.

I think the best lunch we ate? Chicken with some yummy sauce.

And then at night, we went off to Dubrovnik (My favourite city!). It was such a late night drive, so tiring. I'll post about that later.


  1. Yii-Huei, I am actually half Croatian (half German - born and raised there, too!) and I am so glad to hear you enjoyed spending time in Croatia! My family is from Split. I love your photos! Your blog rocks :)

    1. That's really interesting, I loved visiting Croatia and Germany! Especially Croatia, that was a real highlight. Split is so beautiful, and the people are so friendly!

      Thanks Rose, I love the fact that you use all of your recipes are so healthy, yet they look so delicious! Who says healthy food doesn't look good?


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