Sunday, April 22, 2012

Dubrovnik, Croatia

I just wanted to add a picture of macarons in. I had these about 2 weeks ago, my oldest sister brought them back from Sydney! 

Dubrovnik, Croatia. Dubrovnik is probably my favourite city that I've ever been to. The medieval feeling is pretty cool. The colours there are pretty vibrant, if only I had known how to use my camera more!

Dubrovnik looks out to the Adriatic sea, very mediterrenean if you ask me. We went to the Old city, which is walled as it was used for defensive walls to protect its citizens, built in  between the 13th-16th century. Turks were trying to attack in the 15th century. The walls are well-preserved. I was also really excited to visit Dubrovnik, as The Amazing race went there for one of the seasons (I am a huge fan of The Amazing race. No joke.) and it just looked so beautiful on TV.

I forgot to mention, Croatia, Slovenia and Bosnia (Which I will write about later on) used to be part of Yugoslavia. Other countries were Macedonia and Serbia. I only learnt about this on the trip (Hey,I was 13 okay!

 Old city's main street, Stradun.
We visited Rector's palace.  It's a Gothic-Renaissance building, and the palace has been constantly destroyed over the past by fires and earthquakes, they've had to rebuild it numerous times! But,it looks pretty good. I just saw lots of old stuff like furniture, pretty much a museum.

We had lunch at this restaurant where you could have your food for free if you're not satisfied. Or if you pay however much you want. I never actually thought these kind of restaurants ever existed.

We had a tour via boat to view panoramic views. As usual, I kind of got sea-sick but it was a nice day to ride on a boat. There's this place where people can be nude around some island or something, and thankfully I wasn't wearing my glasses (I'm short-sighted), otherwise my eyes might have burned seeing lots of naked people in full detail, young and old.

Our tour guide said to me I should do some Titanic move. How is this a Titanic move? 

 We walked around the city walls, which had really nice views. It somehow reminded me of Santorini, Greece, though funnily enough, I've never been to Greece. It's just what I've seen in movies. The sun was blazing, so it was rather quite hot and some of the steps were really steep, but no where as near as steep as the Great wall (Killer workout).

And after the really tiring walk, my parents, my aunties and I tried to look for a place to sit down. BUT THERE WAS NO WHERE TO SIT. Unless you had a drink or something, but that required to pay money. We just wanted to sit down on some chairs and wait until we had to meet our tour group. We actually went into some Catholic church (I feel so guilty) and sat in there for a while until they started a service. 


Bride we saw!

Here is a short video, which shows my terrible skills at taking videos (I'm rather impatient), but this was during the walk!


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