Saturday, April 7, 2012

Austria and Slovenia!

Innsbruck- Austria + Bled, Slovenia.

We didn't do a lot in Innsbruck, but it's a really pretty place. I love the alps as the backdrop setting. We had a tour around the city, but to be honest, I really can't remember much from that.
It was cloudy that day.

We visited the Swarovski store because it made in Austria. The store is HUGE, there are like two or three floors? Crystals everywhere! I bought a Swarovski pendant.

Swarovski animals! 
A lot of the local teens were saying "Konichiwa (Hello)" thinking that we were Japanese hehehe!

On the way to Slovenia, we stopped by at Rosenberger for lunch. The food there is quite nice.
I'm a dessert freak.
3 sisters.
 AND we saw an abandoned castle while driving!

So we went by a boat (Lol someone actually had to row it for us) to this TINY, TINY, TINY, TINY island, Bled island.  You can literally circle around it. We visited the church there. To me, all the cathedrals in Europe look the same to me.The weather change from Austria to Slovenia was very lovely. In Austria, it was a bit cold, but when we went to Slovenia, it was quite warm! So you didn't really need a jacket or anything, and it wasn't burning hot.

We then drove up to the Bled castle! It's a medieval castle, so you really get that feeling of the medieval period, you know knights and the forts! It's pretty impressive that it was built on a very steep hill. The view from the top is really nice, overlooking Lake bled.

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Then we went to Ljubljana, and went to another castle, Ljubljana castle which I would say isn't a very big castle. The castle was built to defend against the Ottoman invasion. I really love how there are so many castles in Europe! And I love European history too.

 We had to take a funicular railway (A railway inclined) up which is pretty cool, but when we actually had to climb up to the top of the castle to view the panoramic views, IT WAS SO TIRING. There's this LONG spiral staircase and it just keeps going on and on and on. The view up there is pretty cool. Except it was really windy!

Just keep going and going.

Next morning, we visited the Postojna cave. It was my first time in a cave (Besides caving at year 7 school camp! We had to crawl through though, so it's a different cave compared to the Postojna cave) and I was blown away by how amazing it is! I REALLY like the stalagmites (The one from the floor) and stalactite (The one from the ceiling) and ashlifdhasilf all the formations that took thousands of years, just pure amazing. Postojna cave is a reaaaaally big cave, I think about 20 km long?

Ooh we went around via cave train! Talk about fun :)

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