Sunday, July 7, 2013

Food food food

I tagged along with my two older sisters and my second sister's boyfriend in the city for dinner. I love dining out in the city because it's so lively and Melbourne is Australia's food capital. I miss work experience at the hospital, partly because I don't get to dine out in the city as often.. lol (I'm a high school student).. But in all honesty though, I really do miss it! Which sounds really crazy, but right now, I would love to be talking to patients and observing surgeries. And YES mum, the post about my work experience will be coming out soon.

Anyway, we went for ramen at Kokoro Ramen and dessert at Passionflower last week! This ramen place is seriously too cool. There are SO many options, I haven't seen so many options for ramen. You can't go wrong with picking any of them. There are different types of broth you can choose from (read the 'flavour notes' in the menu). I chose the Hakodate  shio ramen, which has a slice of pork belly and the broth is chicken and seafood. They also hand-make the noodles too. Quite authentic, and relatively cheap for a meal in Melbourne!
I really liked mine, except I regretted not picking the pork belly option which has 2 more slices of pork belly. The pork belly is soft-cooked and long-marinated, quite delicious! One slice was not enough.

YV'S sapporo miso ramen with pork mince that has a spicy broth.
They also have some pretty good gyoza too, but then again, I've never really had bad gyoza before, neither have I had 'outstanding' gyoza.
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Then we (or maybe I) went a little crazy for dessert at Passionflower. I shared waffles with my YV AND I got myself a plate of chocolate banana crepes... Don't worry, the three of them ate like one crepe and I ate the other one. WHATEVER, please don't make feel guilty, dessert is my weak spot.

When we walked into the cafe, I could immediately smell an aroma of waffles and I was getting giddy about it. "THEY HAVE WAFFLES?!?!" and knew I just had to have some waffles. They were crunchy and so good, especially with the hot chocolate fudge sauce and the ice cream.
The chocolate banana crepes were nice too, but my only complain is that, it wasn't really served warm. It has a filling of bananas, and the crepe consistency itself is great! I love warm crepes, that's just my preference. I'm not sure what ice cream was with that, but I liked it.
YM and her boyfriend had the Secret treasure crepes. On your left, you have green tea ice cream and on your right it is pandan ice cream. Well, for starters, I can already make some pretty darn good green tea ice cream, but I'll still commend them for getting it right with enough matcha flavour. But on the other hand, the pandan ice cream was reeeeally good. YM's boyfriend said to me a while ago that pandan ice cream should be my next ice cream mission. For those of you who may not know what pandan is, it is a plant used predominantly in South-East Asian cuisine. For Malaysians, we have it with chicken, sweets like pandan chiffon cake etc. But, I've never tried pandan ice cream.I loved Passionflower's pandan ice cream! Highly recommended. There's also other interesting ice cream flavours like black sesame, lychee, red bean and durian. Out of all those, I would clearly never eat durian flavoured. Yes friends, I'm a Malaysian and I despise durian. Any other fellow Malaysians would like to agree on that?

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