Sunday, April 14, 2013

Exciting news

Term 1 holidays have flown by just like that! Tomorrow, I'm back to 7 AM mornings. It's autumn now, and I'm bringing out my knit sweaters and scarves from my closet.. I'm honestly loving the weather, because with our new lounge (that is missing a a rug) at the front, I have the most perfect spot to read with the lamp on. It's taken my family far too long to re-do this lounge at the front, we've nearly been living in this house for 8 years at the front has always looked atrocious.

The couch is ultra comfty, I've been curling up with a blanket during those cold, gloomy days.

Now though, it's time to get through a long hard term: mid year exams, assignments and assessments, I can't believe that within a few months, we'll be HALF way through the year. I also have a work experience position coming up later this term. Work experience is part of the year 10 curriculum in Australia, and you basically have a placement for a week at a working place, whether it could be at a an architecture firm,medical clinic, a book store, a law firm or even at the supermarket. I'm not going to say what my placement is just yet, I'll try to write a post on it after I complete the placement. All I can just say that, I am over the moon that I received this placement (it was a bit of a surprise), and looking forward to it!
This book is going to be part of my inspiration for school this year. There are at times, when you feel just so frustrated, whether it's not getting the mark you expected, feeling like you could've done better or just not putting enough effort. That has happened to me a couple of times, during my high school career, when my results fall short from my expectations.And it's really gotten to me, especially since I feel the pressure on me as the youngest of the family. This book from Kikki K (Christmas present from my friend!) has a load of inspirational quotes, and man am I going to get through this! 

I also wanted to share a picture of these little treats I got from my piano teacher during on my birthday! They were divine, especially the chocolate lolly pop from Burch and Purchese. She's been telling me that they have the most amazing and creative sweet collections, cakes, this and that. I'm dying to visit the shop!
 I also have this travel journal that is sitting in my desk drawer. I received it as a birthday present last year, but I'm using it later this year, in a very exciting destination. I won't reveal where, just yet. You'll have to wait until I document about the trip, which I am too excited for! Anyone want to take a guess? ;)

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