Monday, December 24, 2012

Past few days of Christmas festivities

It's Christmas eve! I'm getting ready for a good two days of celebrating Christmas with family and friends.

Last Friday, I hosted a Christmas party. I was busy cooking (with the help of my friend, Olivia!) and baking. I made some red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting, chicken pie, lasagne, oreo and red velvet truffles and mango ice cream.

My famous chicken pie! 

Not sure who took this, but these are red velvet and oreo truffles.

Olivia's mum made this! 

Mango ice cream I made!

 Yesterday,  I went out to Crown with a few friends to celebrate my friend, Yvonne's birthday. We went to Kitchen workshop buffet. Boy, did I eat like a cow!
 Since it was the weekend lunch, we were able to get seafood passes. One each. So, we could each get a plate of oysters or prawns.
 There wasn't much savoury, I'll be honest, BUT the dessert was amazing! I grabbed a full plate (or 2 which I will not admit) of desserts, a couple of small plates and bowls of different desserts like pistachio panna cotta, mango mousse and sago (which tasted absolutely horrible. Aside from that, everything was great!) and even a bowl of soft serve chocolate AND vanilla ice cream. They also had the most amazing brownies ever!

The aftermath of five girls eating at a buffet.. I felt sorry for the waiters.
Excuse my lovely friends. 
 Merry Christmas everybody! Hope you have a fun time, gaining holiday weight and spending quality time with family.

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