Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Le petit gateau

I am going to tell you about one of Melbourne's gems. This is the most amazing cake shop. My sisters' have brought home the cakes from there cakes before, but I've never been to the actual shop. I went to Le petit gateau in the city with my friend, Anika and we felt like we died in heaven.

 Le petit gateau; small cakes. Small, delicate, beautiful cakes.

We kind of got lost in the city... A lot of times. And we had to take the tram to Little Collins street. But, we eventually found it!
 We tried four cakes: black beauty, black forest, brownie passionfruit and hazelnut millefeuille.
Black beauty
 I know what you're thinking. What in the world is on top of that cake? I can't even answer that myself. It looks like a brain. Or a mop. I can think of 10 other different decorations you can put on top of that cake instead of some gluggy weird-looking brain stringy thing! COME ON! Anyway, despite its weird looking appearance, I decided to choose that because I had read reviews on that cake. It sounded pretty positive. I'm glad I chose that cake. It has some kind of chocolate mousse and raspberry filling, I don't know! But it was very creamy. The glaze outside: PERFECT. It balanced out the sweetness of the inside. I suspect the glaze is probably around 70% cocoa? I don't know. But I highly recommend this one!

The inside
And then we had the black forest cake.  I'm not really a fan of black forest cakes, but I really liked this one! Except, for that cherry. Oh. My. Goodness. The worst cherry I've ever tasted... Anika and I were discussing "Why don't they just use REAL, FRESH cherries?" You notice with every cake shop, they always use these weird sickly-sweet cherries. 

 The next cake, the hazelnut millefeuille (thanks Anika, for picking this one out! I don't think I would've picked this one.),literally blew my mind.  It reminded me of Ferrero rocher. The base was so crunchy, I think maybe it was a kind of wafer or praline thing? But so delicious, words cannot explain my love for that cake.
 We also tried the brownie passionfruit. It also had the praline or wafer-thing, and the brownie was very rich and delicious. I don't normally fancy passionfruit, but it was a nice touch with the brownie! Fruit and chocolate, hello!
 Going at $8.50 for 1 cake, it is certainly not cheap, but I think it is most definitely worth it. I do not think that it is easy to replicate any of these, I'm not even going to dare try. These require so many hours of work, and are finicky to work with, you have to be a pastry masterchef! So I guess that's why it's not cheap.

They also sell the bigger versions of cakes, like the brownie passionfruit, cosmopolitan and also the lemon tart. Last year, my eldest sister had the lemon tart for her birthday cake. I liked it, but I could only have a bit. It was too sweet for my liking. I'm not really into lemon tarts.
Brownie passionfruit in the small and large version. 
 They also sell chocolates.
 They also have hot chocolates (in milk, dark and white! Which I've never seen around Melbourne.) and I'm quite curious to try that. They have an afternoon tea special, if you buy one cake, you can get it with coffee, tea or a hot chocolate. For $9! Only available after 2:30. But worth it! I'll try that next time. Their cakes aren't too sweet, so I'm definitely coming back!

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