Saturday, September 8, 2012

The Black Toro take II

Take two at The Black Toro! Yii-May was kind enough to take us to dinner at The Black Toro again, and I was like yayayayayaya! My dad and Yii-Vern didn't go last time, so it was their first time. 

Instead of getting the $45 set per person (because it's just TOO much. In my opinion anyway. But you get a good taste of pretty much everything), we ordered some poco plates (small plates) and two mains. OH AND WE GOT DESSERT! 

We ordered a lot of the things we had last time:
So the oyster actually has like some lime and TEQUILA, which I am not exactly supposed to drink at this age, but hey, it was only a small amount. As long as I'm not drunk lol.

Wagyu beef sliders!
Wagyu rump. Some people may think that this is too raw, but I like it!

Baby chicken! The sauce with it was SO delicious, and the chicken was so soft and yummy.
My mum had grilled corn. 
Pulled pork tacos. Very nice. 

We also ordered some triple cooked potatoes with paprika salt and garlic aioli. I don't think the picture is worthy enough of posting because my hand shook and well, to be honest, a bowl of potatoes with some sauce doesn't look that great on picture... But let me tell you, the taste was wowers. I was like okay, potatoes. But no, it's been boiled, roasted and fried. With some really nice sauce, and extremely crunchy.

AND since we weren't too full, we ordered two desserts. 3 words; to die for. The pictures aren't that great, but they're decent I guess. I didn't have much time taking these pictures, my sisters were telling me to hurry up because the dessert just looked so great!

De-constructed peanut butter cheesecake with honeycomb and chocolate sorbet. I love peanut butter. I love cheesecake. Bang those two together, wow. And the honey comb is very crunchy and adds texture to your palette. It doesn't look like cheesecake, hence the name ('de-constructed peanut butter cheesecake'), which was funny because my dad was all like "CHEESECAKE? How come like that wan?" He also did not know what a brownie was until today. Or maybe he just didn't know the name for it.
Chocolate brownie with vanilla ice cream and caramel popcorn. The popcorn was sensational and well, brownies are always good, especially with vanilla ice cream.

So after my second visit, what do I have to say? Simply, wow. Get the set if you want a taste of everything, but you may be a little bit too full. What we ordered today was just nice since we had room for dessert. Oh note about dessert, do not miss dessert. I have yet to try their creme catalan and perhaps mandarin sorbet? The peanut butter cheesecake is a must must. And my favourite sides are the pulled pork tacos, wagyu beef sliders and the triple cooked potatoes. Next time, I want to try their other sides like the zucchini and corn fritters!

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