Saturday, February 18, 2012

La cuisine francais

I rarely eat French food, it's pretty much once in a blue moon. Unless you count macarons. I'd just like to point out that it's macarons not macaroons. Macaroons are actually coconut kind of biscuits, completely different to the classic macaron which is made out of a a meringue shell with some kind of cream in between. It's delicious. I myself however got the term wrong when I started eating macarons. I have an obsession with macarons.

So French restaurants are pretty much only on special occasions. My oldest sister took the whole family and I to a French restaurant, Bistro Thierry, a restaurant in Toorak (Near the city) for lunch! The only thing I hate about going to these nice restaurants, is that they are all the way in the city and I dislike driving or taking a train there. I don't know why.

The restaurant's food is certainly very tasty, I loved it!

Creds to my dad on this picture!
My dad and my second sister ate oysters as their entrees (They had entree + main while my mum, oldest sister and I had main + dessert).

I ate beef bourguignon, which is  beef braised with red wine! It's one of those classic, traditional French dishes. My first time trying it in fact. The beef just melts into your mouth so nicely, and it's accompanied with mash potato, bacon, carrot and a sauce. My whole family except for my mum ate it. My mum had an eye fillet steak ! It's a minced steak though. It taste good, but I wouldn't order that from the menu since it's minced. I would've probably gotten a minute steak?

Beef bourguignon
Eye fillet steak
Dessert was divine. Dessert is always my favourite part! I ate creme brulee (Sorry for not putting on the accents) while my mum and my oldest sister ate tarte tatin. I had a taste of the tarte tatin. Sweet, caramelly and with ICE CREAM! Very smooth. Tarte tatin is an upside down tart and the apples on top are caramelised.
What a horrible image lol, you can't even see the whole thing! It just looks like a blob of mess.  


So I kinda forgot to take a close up picture and Yii-May cracked the top so this is what you get after cracking the caramel top. 
 The creme brulee is what you'd expect in a creme brulee. It's silky, feels like a pillow sorta thing if you know what I mean? And with that hard caramel on top, oh wow those flavour combinations.. C'est magnifique!

Perks of being the youngest : Getting all the advice and wisdom. Oh and getting all the good stuff like good food and clothes. C'est la vie! That's life.

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