Saturday, March 8, 2014

Celebrating International women's day

A lot of my friends questioned me why I hosted a Girl rising screening, something 'out of the blue'.

You see, I was never introduced into global issues and poverty as a young kid in primary school. My parents always told me how fortunate I am, but I never really understood that.

It wasn't until year 9, where I had one of the most enthusiastic teachers I've ever come across; my humanities teacher. He inspired my incredibly, to do some good. As a class, we studied Blood diamond; the hidden truth about diamonds... I discovered the dark truth behind my beloved chocolate.. And also, we were taught to be critical of some campaigns such as the notorious failed KONY campaign. I did a research project which dove into looking at the violation of Afghan women, and just pondering about it made it think why should they be treated any differently to the way I am.

I stress, had it not been my teacher who introduced this rigorous curriculum, I would not be as passionate about the issues as I am today. I think it is incredibly important to introduce such topics like these into the school curriculum, which is why I wrote my 'Take a stand' article a month ago.

I'm particularly passionate about these social issues and third world issues because
1) Some of the sexist remarks I hear in school make me incredibly angry.
2) The way some women are depicted in society is just simply unfair.
3) These women who are having their rights violated in third world countries aren't able to have a voice, and if we are the ones who have the resources to raise that voice, we must answer to that plight. We need to raise awareness, particularly amongst us, youth!

^seriously, as much as I love Carl's jr, has eating a burger ever looked sexy? Last time I checked, sauce and lettuce just drips out of your mouth.

I wrote an article about the lack of coverage of influential women in the media. It's alarming to see girls around my age, doing things to attract attention, and I think part of that has been due to media exposure. Which has also led to some people stereotyping females or expecting standards. So please read my article, which sort of coincides with IWD! Also, highly recommend to watch this TedX talk (I could honestly have a TedX marathon all day long)!

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