Friday, February 7, 2014

Local eateries

Of course you can't pass the local hawker stalls in Singapore....While there are nice restaurants like in my previous post, there are also plentiful of local eateries around! 
Porridge with deep fried pig intestines
I was a little jittery when Aunty M & Uncle D said they'd be ordering some porridge with pig intestines and pig liver etc...But you know, it was not bad at all! Interesting. Also, above is one of Singapore's best fritters (yau zha gwai).
 We also had this sashimi thing.

Sweet mung bean soup with fritters
Also had these little rice cakes with some pickles on top!
 Making siew yoke...
This 'local eatery' was at my uncle and aunt's place. Uncle D is the master of roast pork... Roast pork belly has that traditional crackly, crispy skin. It was amazing. I learnt from the best! Now my family is awaiting for a replica. 
 Baked crab
The crab was amazing! We had black pepper baked crab and salt baked crab. Obviously if you want the au natural, then go with the salt baked. But I really fancied the black pepper because I'm crazy about black pepper.
Had some laksa..
 Tutu kuih
Interesting type of kuih, soft, and spongy with a nice filling! Very nice to eat when it's warm.
Cedele would be more fitting for the cafes post, but I simply had too many pictures! This was at a suburban mall, and I'm pretty sure there are a few branches. It claims that it has no transfat, and to be healthy.  I thought the cakes were nice (especially if it claims to be healthy), I shared a salted caramel cheesecake & carrot cake with my aunty (on my mum's side, not Aunty M).I think the cheesecake needed a little bit more salt though, but the carrot cake was very nice. Thank you to Aunty J for taking me out!

So 'Local eateries' is my last post of my Singapore trip. Singapore was a fantastic trip! Just when you think five days is sufficient, it really isn't. There are lots of things to do in Singapore, more importantly, there is so much food to eat. Had such a lovely trip staying & spending time with my relatives, and so far it's been one of my highlights of 2014 (even though 2014 just started).  

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