Sunday, January 26, 2014


I had a diverse range of food in Singapore, all tested by my trusty uncle and aunty. I was quite surprised to learn that food of other cultures are really good, such as Spanish, Italian, Mexican etc...
Tiong Bahru bakery

Kouign amann and traditional croissant.
These were the ultimate croissants, dare I say the best I've tasted in my life. I shared a traditional croissant and a kouign amann croissant with Uncle D. Think flaky, crispy with delicate layers. The kouign amann croissant is a must, so sweet and crispy. Btw Uncle,if you're reading this, I INITIALLY THOUGHT YOU SAID 'ALMOND' and was wondering where the almonds were...

Cute ice cream shop, also pointed out by Aunty that it's a shop that attracts so many girls! Gee, I wonder why. There are many flavours to choose from, but I settled with butterscotch and pecan. Aunty got the lychee martini, which was very refreshing and Uncle D got durian... I normally don't eat durian, but on this trip I had durian ice cream twice, suffice to say I like it!
Lei Garden
We were supposed to eat at the iconic Chijmes branch of Lei Garden, however there was a power trip. There was also a wedding happening, I really pity that groom and bride. Anyway, we went to the Orchard road branch. I really loved the dim sum there, some of the best baked egg tarts, bbq pork puff pastry and I also had sago with mango & pomelo. My cousins had durian pudding, which I could smell from across the table. We all also shared the glutinous rice balls, coated with peanuts and a hot sesame filling.

Hearty Indian food. My whole family knows how much I love roti canai, so eating naan, mutton curry with teh halia (ginger tea)is my kind of lunch. Uncle D and I agreed that the roti naan was ordinary, and we'd just order two of the garlic naans. Funnily enough, he accidentally ordered a vegetarian dish via the iPad menu, mistaken that the tandoori tofu was chicken! I was perplexed when it arrived, wondering where the meat was (let's say, my uncle is more of a carnivore) and then he realised his order was wrong and we chuckled about it.

Steaming, braised ox's tail.
 Don quijote is in Dempsey Hills, a nice location with quite a few popular restaurants.
It was quite a light dinner with interesting flavours. Kind of reminds me of The black toro! My favourites were the wagyu beef with blue cheese dip, the braised ox's tail, mushrooms, calamari and to top it off, we had a chocolate lava cake! Overall, a really enjoyable dinner.

Max Brenner’s
Yes, there are a couple of Max Brenner’s around the world, but I have only tried it once, and was left disappointed with soggy waffles last month in Australia. So, after the night we had a chocolate lava cake, Uncle said we could try another one at a different place and compare. While I loved Don Quijote's, if I had to pick, it'd be MB. I felt that the chocolate was pronounced more in MB, but that having been said, MB specialises in chocolate.

So the next post is full of local eateries. These were at nice restaurants/cafes/franchises! So delicious...


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    1. Yes, like hearing 'Rat-fest institution' instead of 'Raffles institution' is very excusable. Thank you, I am sure you are missing a free pass for all these eateries...


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