Tuesday, November 5, 2013

5 things that are gonna get me through

Today is Melbourne Cup, and I'm taking advantage of the holiday to cram in as much work as possible!

I have seven exams to complete in a timespan of four days, in two weeks time! I've been doing some exam prep by carefully planning out an exam revision schedule... But sometimes, it's a little hard for me (just like any other teenager) to be motivated to get through exams. So, here are some things I do...

1. Remind myself that it'll be over soon. I'll have a one week break after exams (before I commence another week of a head-start program for year 11 and then holla I'M OUT OF SCHOOL!). I'm thinking about reading a book everyday, and also making cheesy pull apart bread.. Oh, and did you notice? IT'S NOVEMBER AND NEXT MONTH IS CHRISTMAS!
I have this stuck on the wall at my study desk, for me to see every time!
2. My weekend run. I believe that it's important to have some exercise, even if you're incredibly busy. Apparently, exercise can make you 'smarter'! I doubt it really makes you 'smarter', but I do think it increases productivity, and it's a good thing to do if you're stressed. I always feel a lot more productive after I've had a sweaty run or a quick powerwalk.
3. Classical music. I got this idea and a whole playlist from my second sister, YM because she did this for uni exams (and may even still do it today for her actuarial exams?). While I love jamming out to John Mayer & Taylor Swift, I'll join in too much if I'm trying to study. Then, before you know it; the words will be ringing in my ears when I'm doing my biology final.

My favourite? Bring out Tchaikovsky please.
4. Greek yoghurt: my power fuel! I'm trying to avoid all the nasty foods, unlike last semester's exams. I literally went through a whole bag of fun size twix (in less than an hour) and cookies that my eldest sister brought home.
5. Write during my breaks! I'm still going to continue to write about my Europe trip, and I've also been brainstorming a lot of ideas for articles I could contribute for the Huffington Post. One will be about girls' rights, as I recently hosted a Girl rising screening at my school. I actually forgot to post this, but a few months ago, I wrote an article about what I think of child beauty pageants.

How do you manage stress?

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