Saturday, October 5, 2013

European adventures

If you've seen my photos of me gallivanting around Europe through Instagram, you know why I've been on a hiatus! I toured from Rome to London, visiting the beautiful floating city of Venice, for the second time, Austria, the perfectly manicured Switzerland, the romantic city, Paris and finally the land of  posh British accents!

It takes nearly a whole day to travel to Europe from Australia. The first time I went, I flew from Malaysia which wasn't too bad. However, this time, it took 14 hours from Melbourne to Dubai, transit for 3 hours and 6 more hours to Rome. Yikes. This trip reminded me how much I hate flying.

My body clock is so confused, I should really be sleeping right now but I still have school work & preparation for term 4 on Monday. It's the last lap of year 10, end of year exams are coming! You may see an absence of food posts, but not to worry, the edition of EUROPEAN ADVENTURES IS COMING!

Here's a teaser.

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