Saturday, March 9, 2013

The Chalet

Lake Tekapau is far by the purest, light blue water I've ever seen. Yes, even prettier than the water I saw in South-Eastern Europe.
I'm not actually joking about how blue that water is.
It is so beautiful, so picturesque! And the place we were staying was definitely the highlight. My favourite stay out of the whole trip actually.

We stayed in the Henkel hut, a part of the Chalet. My whole family except for me, has stayed at this place. Not at the Henkel hut, but in one of the other big units. According to my mum, my oldest sister wrote in their guestbook hoping that she will come back one day. We asked the owners, Walter and Zita if they still had the book (they keep a collection of their guestbooks), but unfortunately it was lost! Apparently Harrison Ford or some other famous celebrity stayed at The Chalet and wrote down a comment in the guest book. And some fan was crazy enough to steal the whole guestbook..

We were talking to Zita, and on the day we arrived, she was telling us about how one woman just came to the motel and just got engaged! The woman stayed at The Chalet quite a while ago, and said that she wanted to return with the 'man of her dreams'. Funny how things happen like that! I would also just like to say how friendly the owners were to us, and really welcomed us.
Anyway, the Henkel hut is so cute and it was a really pleasant stay. We had our own private drive way, and we could also just sit outside and look out to a marvellous view of the lake. Inside, there's a huge window and you can see the sunrise and sunset, with the lake in the background. Too pretty. 
The inside

We visited the famous church, the Church of the Good Shepherd.

We also visited Mount Cook. Somewhat similar to the alps in Europe, but the alps I saw in Europe will always remain in my heart.

We also took a walk up, to look at a glacier. The walk was actually excruciating, and I'm a person who loves to take long walks. There were so many rocks, steep and it doesn't help when the weather is burning. Oh and did I mention that I wore jeans and a jumper because my parents told me it would be cold? 

The walk was pretty much half an hour and very hard. When we reached the top, we were so disappointed. No glaciers to be seen! All melted.

We went to the Mount John university observatory which has spectacular views. 
I would love to come back to Lake Tekapo. Such a relaxing, pretty place.

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