Saturday, December 8, 2012

A few things

I took this a while ago, but I love this photo.
I have a piano exam coming up in a few days. I actually do not know why I'm blogging right now, when I should memorising my general knowledge and practising... BUT, I have been a mad piano woman everyday. I'm sure my neighbours are sick of hearing the same old songs, scales, this and that. I must be driving my family mad as well. Particularly my sisters. But I'm nervous. This is the most nerve-wrecking time of the year. Wish me luck!

* Successful three layer birthday cake*

I've barely had any homework (end of school year!) so I've had so much free time (besides playing piano). I baked a 3 layer chocolate cake for my friend Olivia, using the chocolate cupcakes with Nutella frosting recipe, but multiplied the cupcake recipe by 3 and the icing by 1.5 times. I think I went slightly over board with the decorations perhaps, but it was so much fun to make! Not to mention, it tasted great! I honestly think I have too much fun with baking...But then again, you can never have too much fun. Happy birthday Olivia, you little swimmer!

* My eldest sister's birthday dinner *

Happy birthday to my eldest sister, YV!! I baked the Baked brownies, my mum made raspberry cheesecake, and we had a huge typical feast. Homemade food at its finest! We had laksa and kuay teow. I was a bit of a coward, and only chose to have a bit of the spicy soup mixed with the non-spicy one.
The Baked brownies somehow tasted even better than the first time, especially with the walnuts. The Baked brownie reminds me too much of how much I love it and why I shouldn't bake it too often. I have stored some in the freezer, so when I'm having a craving, voila!  YM's bf commended me saying "I thought this would be a kiddy brownie, but this is actually not too sweet."

I ate too much though. I literally couldn't walk around for at least half an hour. I was in a food coma. And boy, did it not feel good.

Happy birthday jie, hope you enjoyed my brownies as you requested for them! Thanks (you will notice I always give my thanks to people, especially on their bdays) for being such a great sister for the past 15 years. I remember you told me that when you were just about to go to school in Malaysia, I came into our room looking for candy and threw up on your school uniform. I'm such a great little sister. It must be nice to be the eldest and have two little sisters.

* New ice cream maker *
I have been telling my mum about this Cuisinart ice cream maker, and well, she decided to get it for me! It's on sale for 99 dollars at Myers, David Jones and House. Thank you mum! You will be seeing recipes of frozen yoghurt and ice cream coming soon :) This is PERFECT for this coming summer.

* Banana bread *

Nearly every week, for the past few weeks, there has been some kind of banana bread loaf sticking around the kitchen. Either my mum bakes it, or I do! I have made Smitten Kitchen's recipe's recipe twice. I added some toasted walnuts, because banana bread is always better with walnuts. I'll spike it up with some coffee next time.

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