Sunday, May 27, 2012

Cacao green.

They have Starbucks here in Melbourne. Very few of them.

No new travel posts at the moment,soon I will be posting about Salzburg (Where I visited Mozart's house!).

My new obsession: frozen yogurt. My first taste was in Malaysia,over the summer. One of my closest Malaysian friend's, Wan Xin took me there. I've known this lovely girl for years, I remember how we first started talking in standard 1 (Grade 1) in primary school and using our animal pencil cases to play with each other. Anyway, we went to Tutti Frutti, which is a frozen yogurt place. Definitely going back there the next time I go back!

I had frozen yogurt in Melb a few weeks ago, with my friends in the city. We came across this place, it's a really cute, neat place. It's opposite Starbucks, and we were dying to sit down (Starbucks was over crowded..For some reason. Starbucks isn't even that popular here?) and wanted some froyo. I did not expect it to be full of incredible goodness. Cacao green, I think on Swanson street in the city, has some pretty good organic frozen yogurt! I had the pomegranate, since I have a slight obsession with it... And the price is reasonable too. By Australian standards I mean. Melbourne has been listed as one of the most expensive cities to live in. But yes, speaking in Australian terms, it's quite reasonable. It's $4.50 for a junior serve, and it's pretty big! It is $6.70 for a regular and $8.20 for a large.

I didn't put any toppings this trip, but I plan to put cheesecake next time. Toppings are at $1 each.  Highly recommend Cacao green for some froyo. Their menu also includes organic yogurt smoothies and gourmet waffles.

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My Taylor-Swift-loving, generous, game-loving, nerdy, shorter-than-me, second sister, just recently celebrated her birthday! We had our traditional kind of family birthday dinner. Asian dishes like curry, noodles, pork belly and Laurent cake as usual. Le gateau- c'est fantastique. Layers of mousse, and walnuts, very chocolatey.

My mum made her tiramisu! Mum's baking and cooking is always the best.

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