Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Bisou bake shop

If any of you were bothered enough to read my description of this blog, I mentioned that I'd be posting snippets of food as well. Well here you go. I really love photography and food. Combine those two , voila!  I have been known amongst my friends to be the girl who takes a bunch of pictures of delicious food, usually all sorts of sweet things like cupcakes, cakes, chocolate etc! I love making people hungry.

On the last day in Malaysia, just a few days ago , I was at 1 Utama. A few weeks before, I had gone out with one of my friends who I've known since standard 1 (I met her in school in Malaysia before I moved to Melb!) mentioned to me that this bake shop looks really nice. But it was pricey, 6 ringgit for one cupcake. So anyway, I was walking past this bake shop and was contemplating whether or not to try a cupcake from there. Which leads me to why I'm writing this post. 

All of the cupcakes look amazing, they are really well decorated and look scrumptious. There are I think about 11 or 12 flavours they produce everyday, you can look at their Facebook page. I was in the mood for something chocolate-ty (Oh and yeah I am a chocoholic) and picked 'chocolate dementia'. While waiting, I tried one of their red velvet samples.. It was surprisingly moist and yummy. I'm not really a fan of red velvet to be honest, I don't really get why so many people like it. At my parents' 60th birthday, my mum chose the red velvet cake, so they produced this 1 kg cake with decorations. It looked SO pretty. This was actually from the bakery in the One world hotel since my parents' big celebration's venue was there. It looked attractive, BUT IT WAS DRY. I was quite disappointed.  
Red velvet cake from my parents' birthday.
Continuing on, I tried this cupcake as soon as I got back to my aunty's house. This cupcake taste amazing. The texture of the muffin is so moist. The icing is chocolate ganache. It's so smooth and wow. It really was chocolate-ty so if you're a chocolate lover like me, I think you'd like this cupcake. I wish I had bought more. But I only wanted to try one. I told Wan Xin that when I come back, we'll buy 6 cupcakes from there! They have a buy 5 get 1 free deal. 

The normal price they sell for the regular flavours are 6 ringgit. Special limited flavours are more expensive. They also sell cookies and have savoury things. But I think I'd only go for the cupcakes. I think the menu is probably quite pricey with the pies and other Western food, I think I'd rather eat at some other restaurant. I would eat at Delicious, but Yii-Vern warned me not to go there. She said that she and her friend ordered cheesecake and it came to them MOULDY. How disgusting is that? They didn't even apologise. And one of her friends had a baby cockroach in her salad. Talk about bad service, oh and not to mention unhygienic. Where are the food inspectors?  

I was carrying the box so uh yeah some of the icing got on to the sides.

Next time I come back, I'm definitely going for some more. 


  1. If you do come back to Malaysia,skip Bisou and try Marmalade and Tedboy(Bangsar Village) or Yogitree(Midvalley/The Gardens). Yogitree bakes with organic ingredients. The carrot cake with citrus cream cheese is awesome.

    1. I visited Malaysia during June last year, and I tried Bisou bakery again and was a bit disappointed actually, it wasn't as good as I remembered. So I probably won't be trying it again. I haven't heard of those places before, but thank you for mentioning them. I just went for a quick search, and they all look amazing, especially Tedboy. I'll definitely try to visit them when I'm back, the carrot sounds to die for!


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